Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Commissary Shopping Trip

So, ladies and gents, I went on a small grocery trip yesterday to the North Post Commissary on Fort Bragg. For it being a middle of the payday trip, there were TONS of people there. I think others are catching on pay day is not the time to go there at all. I had a list of things I was going to get and my goal in this trip was NO overages other than one that I used. Listed below is my haul and what I paid.
Slim Jim Beef Jerky
3 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
2 Large Bags of David Sunflower Seeds
1 Marinade Mix
3 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Packets
1 Toliet Paper
2 Nutro Dog Food
3 Arm and Hammer Dryer Sheets (THIS IS THE MISTAKE I FOUND AFTER***)
1 Aluminum Foil 37.5 Feet
1 Glad Febreeze Trash Bags
3 Lunchables w/ Fruit
1 Lunchable Sub
2 Tylenol Precise Patches
1 Kandoo Wipes
1 Ivory 3 pack bar soap
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mixer
I got all of this for $23.92 after my qs. I received alot of free or almost free items and everything I bought had a coupon except for the toliet paper. I have a mission for the month of July to start stocking up on paper goods with my overages because of the fact that I need certain items more than others. Toliet paper happens to be one of those :) I was looking over my receipt just now posting this and realized that the Commissary made a mistake on my receipt. I was charged for three Arm and Hammer Laundry items instead of two. I am going to take it back up there today to see if they will adjust it because I know for sure my coupon said 1.00 off any two Arm and Hammer Items. I could have bought the Baking Soda and only paid .12 but this is one of those instances when nearly free didn't work for me, I needed Dryer Sheets. I believe that you need to buy what you have coupons for because you NEED an item. The dryer sheets were 1.69 each so I bought two making it 3.38 minus the 1.00 q making it 2.38 which breaks down into 1.19 each. It's not free as I said but they were the larger ones with over 100 sheets each so I will pay a little over a penny for each in order for my clothes not to be static filled. This was another trip that I am doing in order to prove that you do not have to use overages only at the Commissary. It is fun to go in there with a 20.00 bill for example and see what you can get. I believe I am going to do a series on what will 10.00 buy??? Wouldn't that be a fun topic!

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