Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Ft. Stewart Weekend

We, Tiffany and I , got the pleasure of teaching some classes in the state of Georgia last weekend. I am not sure how to express to anyone the fun we had teaching these groups of ladies. Friday ight we were in a small town on the Georgia/Alabama line. Even though we ended up being very late because of unschedule horrible road construction and we had to go through the boon docks, it was a great class. It was in the middle of nowhere however it was in gorgeous location. It was held at someone's home however on the back porch (bigger than my house I believe) of the home. I was in heaven because it was in Primitive Style and even the light fixtures were period. On the property were five 1855 Log Cabins that the couple rent out on a daily/ weekly basis. I plan to visit this property again when Mike gets home. They are simply breathtaking and I feel blessed to have visited and met these ladies. Their ideas and large families kept us challenged and intrigued and I pray that we were able to meet these ladies needs for couponing.

Late that night we went to the world's smallest Chili's . It was the size of a large convenience store and we were one of the only people in there. It was yummy food after a long day of driving. Then with our luck that day it was bound to happen. We went to the wrong motel to check in. It was humorous and what do you say? We said the right thing by "please give us directions to the right one". After he looked for fifteen minutes for the right room. Ha! Sorry man at Motel 6!!!

The next morning we awoke and went to Ft. Stewart, Georgia. Couponing is not big in Ft. Stewart it seems but I think it's catching on. After the class Tiffany and I went and ate at my beloved Taco Johns (do you see that Missouri people!!!) and then we went into the PX. Okay, sorry Ft. Stewart girls we so raided your PX. They had Aussie shampoo on clearance for 1.60 and we had a few qs for 1.00 off any Aussie product. :) I would have cleared all that they had (I normally do not ever do that) however they were stocked well. I just didn't have enough qs with me. We also were able to buy Pringles for .50 a large can (nine each).

After the Stewart class we headed to Savannah, Georgia. I love that place. I would love to settle there some day or at least near there. We were at Hunter Air Field and we were just exploring. We did a Commissary trip and Tiffany and I loaded up. The tearpads at the Commissary there were unbelievable! One of our amazing deals was Cheerio Chex Mix marked for 1.09 and having .75 cent tear pads for each one we could purchase. There were many goodies there for great prices with qs that we had. I enjoyed the Ft. Leonardwood like atmosphere, meaning all the tear pads. We don't have a ton of them at Fort Bragg. I will say this though, they were VERY thorough at Hunter so if by some chance ya all are near there and want to coupon, you better not try to get over on them, they won't have it :)

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