Binders Binders Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

I can create a binder for you to get you started on this journey.  I charge 18.00 for a binder kit with 35 baseball card slots inside and dividers.   Also with this binder kit you will find a pencil pouch organizer w/ zipper, all of your coupon policies that you will need for your particular area,  page protectors for receipt, restaurant coupons and one misc.  protector.  All of my binder packages come with sets of coupons to get you started on your journey in this wonderful world of couponing.  I will have a picture of my binder that I have so that you get an idea as to what this comes with.  :) Actual binders are very expensive so you are responsible for the binder itself unless you are local and would like one of my 1' binders to get you started.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these please contact me directly at