All About Me

I am a thirty something wife of a soldier stationed in North Carolina who loves to coupon. I have been couponing since 2005 and learned out of curiosity and it has grown into an addiction of sorts :)  I taught myself how to coupon at normal stores and then went to a class for the Commissary and made this an amazing experience TIMES TEN!  And then I began to add tricks to the trade to maximize my savings. As well as being a wife, I am a Mother to a very picky 19 year old red headed, green eyed beauty. Her eating tastes have taught me to be creative when I buy items with my coupons that she may or may not like.  One thing is for sure, she is excited about always getting her beloved fruit snacks that she loves for under a 1.00!

In the real world, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in History with a minor in Secondary Education.  I love having my own classroom however I have taken the year off to be with my family and to get used to this military lifestyle again.  I do plan to go to back to work full time in the Spring of 2012 as well as still keeping up with my couponing. I have never known a life that wasn't busy like this. I always have my hands into everything and I stay hopping so age doesn't catch up with me.  I sometimes feel as if I live out of my car because I am on the go so much.

I teach coupon classes to anyone that wants to learn to do this trade as well.  It is a fun and addictive hobby that can save you 50 to 100% on your groceries every time if you learn to do it ethically and responsibly. I will teach coupon classes to an individual or a group and would love to show you what I have learned and make it fun for you as well.

Some tidbits about me that I normally would not tell people but I am very random so here I go:  I love the color pink, mainly hot pink but PINK is good in any shade.  I love Mexican food.  I adore my dogs that I have and cannot imagine not having them in my life. (2 red mini dauschands)   I collect Mickey Mouse and in fact my spare bedroom at my house is done in Mickey Mouse.  I go to Walt Disney World at least one time a year.  My husband and I are known for waking up and traveling to wherever the car points us with no prior planning. I love to play slot machines however only in our travels.   I love to plan and  organize events and get togethers, I missed my calling in life. I should have been a Travel Planner for Disney or I should have been an Event Planner. I am extremely Type A and cannot stand things out of order.