Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have been a clipping and organizing fool for Harris Teeters and WAlgreens this week!!!

I will start off by saying I was doing the Army wife pee pee dance when they did Triples on a pay day week on the 15th. We have extra cash but I LOVE it when they do triples or super doubles at Harris Teeter on a pay day week and I don't have to do my big trip to the Commissary until the next week during Wacky Wednesday. Now, that being said, Kharma may have bit my booty because it is also the Case Lot Sale at the North Post Commissary this week :)  My first trip to Harris Teeter this morning was very successful.  I purchased the following:  Milo dog treats (2), Ortega Refried Beans (2), Texas Hot Pete (2), Bags of Chicken Breast (2), Motts Apple Sauce (2), Pampers Wipes (2), Speed Stick (2), Lady Speed Stick (2), Lunchables (2), Ball Park Buns 1 Hot dog 1 Hamburger buns, 1 Extra Gum, Dove Chocolate Bar (2), Haribo Gummy Bears (2), Mrs. Holmes Canned Spinach (2) TOTAL OOP:  $10.47

During this trip I went to a different Harris Teeter on my way home and used my daughter's EVIC card because she is now a married woman, full time student and on a STRICT budget. Because she has school all day and works until later in the evenings and cannot go I made a deal with her that I would shop for her .  Included in this transaction was the following items:   Cofee Mate refrigerated Creamers (2),  Gold Peak tea (2), Barrilla Pastas (6), Kraft Fresh Take (2), Helluva Dips (3), Schick Shave Cream (3), Jello Temptations (2), Quaker Medley Oatmeal (1)  TOTAL OUT OF POCKET .67 CENTS!!!! SAVINGS 99% :) 

I am not done with HT this week, I have several more trips to make including a couple of training trips with my daughter if she can swing it so that she can learn how to do this on her lunch breaks at school with non perishables. Her new husband happens to be one of my biggest fans coupon wise, probably not so much Mother in law wise but that's alright, I'll take what I can get :)  

Also, at the Commissary today they are offering a whale of a deal on BBQ sauce and Koolaid.  If you purchase 2 Kraft BBQ sauce for .75 each you can get 2.00 off Koolaid. This is where it gets GOOD and I mean GOOD :)  The KoolAid is on sale for $1.50!!! So, you spend 1.50 for two sauces, 1.50 for Koolaid and then you take 2.00 off the total of those three items b/c YOU CAN :)  So that leaves 1.00 for all three products which equals .33, .33, and .34 respectfully. When is the last time you got three high value items like that for under 1.00 for ALL THREE!!! :)  

I will be back tomorrow, until then my coupon friends, Happy Shopping!!!!