Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Past Trips with Pictures

(This is for the picture below this text. My synopsis starts there. The top picture is just an overhaul haul one day.) 89.oo worth of goods for 38.00 from the PX. This is before I found out about a thing called a coupon database :) Now I stack, stack, stack!!!!
Total OOP (Out of pocket) 60.83 KEEP IN MIND I SPENT 15.00 ON MEAT PRODUCTS. Only two items here did not have a coupon. Brit's Cream Cheese and Brit's Cran Grape Juice She loves! I got 110 items.
I spent OOP 7.76 for all of this. The razor alone was supposed to be over 4.00 however it was in the clearance aisle for 1.87 and I had a 2.00 q for it :). Two of the hairsprays were free and the body wash cost me 2.95 however I had a 2.00 q. YOU CAN STACK AT PX.
Receipt for 99% Savings :) Very Happy Day!
Commissary Trip 66% Saved on This Trip
3.99 for three bags of cereal and 26 dog treats. Second trip 9.02 for 10 dog treats, 2 boxes of Rice krispies, 2 cake mixes, 4 bags of Valentines Candy (the GOOD stuff), free marshmellows for ...buying the Rice Krispies, total for both 12.03. First trip 97% percent savigns, second trip 74% b/c I splurged on that 1.00 candy to send to my hubby. BIG bags of m and ms, hershey kisses, sweetarts. etc. I heart my commissary.

I wanted to post some pictures from some of my trips to the Commissary, Walgreens and the AAFES PX. Also, posted are a couple of pics of receipts for these transactions.

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