Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's do 3 A Day !!!!

Recently I had the opportunity to write to a company about an event we were doing here at Fort Bragg called Fill Your Binder Event. It is where ladies come together and cut and swap coupons for a few hours a day. We had drawings, snacks, drinks, and smaller classes on topics such as the pharmacies. It was a great success for the first month.

About a week before the event I remembered something a PR person told me on a website months back about if we ever needed them at Fort Bragg to let them know. So, I sat down at my computer and began to spill our stories of our coupon group and our upcoming event. Wholly Guacamole graciously sent out a freezer pack of items for this event for our wives to sample as well as a ton of 2.00 coupons for everyone to try their products. All I had to do was sit down and write a five minute letter. Honestly it took less than that. I will advertise for them forever because not only are they absolutely giving their stuff is amazing as well. I loved it as did everyone else!

My goal is to write three companies a week, maybe not a day, as I can barely sit and write a blog these days with my busy life, however a goal of three a week will form a great habit. When you coupon you are always trying new products because that is what alot of coupons are for; new products. Do this and tell me what you are getting. Go to my facebook page BraggAbout Savings and telll me what you are getting for free or cheap. Tell me about your coupons! I am excited for this new adventure, will you come along with me?

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