Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Go Shopping

Okay girls and guys! We are nearing the 1st of the month, have you started gathering your coupons? If not, you have two days to really get a move on it. The month of July is going to be fun I think so we will try a few different things this month that I've never tried before and we are gonna rock with it. One of the ideas that I am going to do is I am NOT going to eat out like I do now. It's hard! I am on the go constantly but my stockpile needs to be used. Seriously. This week I made two large meals and they lasted me several days. With just my daughter and I being here, we can do this. We both have different savings goals for July (hers for a trip and car stuff and mine for a cushion after deployment money is gone) so I am on a mission!!! Military wives, you know what it's like when your spouse gets back and all of the money is gone that you are used to on deployment. It sucks, so I refuse to not have a huge cushion when he gets home so it's not like we miss a beat. Being prepared is half of the battle. So, I am going to take sandwiches if I have to eat out a lunch or I am going to take some of these nummy snacks I have 20 of and use them~ it doesn't matter if they are Mario Brothers Fruit Snacks, I am using them up.

The second thing I am going to do for July is get really good and stockpiled on my meat again. I am buying a deep freezer this weekend and I am going to get re stocked on my meat supplies. I always say "with meat all things are possible" because seriously if you have a good stock of meat who cares what the side is (EXAMPLE FREE RICE FOREVER!!!). Get creative.

The third thing I am doing is more organizational than anything and I highly encourage you to do it too. Make your menu for the month based off of your shopping trip. It will help you stay on task. Something I saw recently at my sister's house was an 8 by 10 plastic flat photo frame magnet on her refrigerator with "DINNER IDEAS" in it. She had just typed out 25 or 30 dinner ideas that her family enjoys and she put them in this flat frame and put it on a magnet on her fridge. That is a great way to stay on task and get creative when you have that "blank mind" after you get back from your big grocery trip for the two weeks pay military pay day shopping.

Now, I understand hiccups happen, and I know for a fact there will be at least four days I will be eating out in July because I have a work trip planned to teach military wives how to coupon in Alabama and Georgia. I cannot always cook while on these trips so I have to eat out. Because of that I will be packing my own snacks and drinks in order to save on those items. I know it sounds super frugal but I am going to start taking cans of soda with me if I want one, into restaurants in my purse and just ask for a glass of ice. Think about that, every time you want a Coke, it's $2.39 or more at restaurants. Think in that four days I can save minimum of $20.00 doing this!!! I am gonna try it and see how it works for me.

Until Next Time! Happy Shopping!!! Tammy

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