Where To Find Coupons

Here are the different ways to find coupons: 

Tearpads- You will see them at grocery stores next to an item. Take a few but not the whole pad!

Blinkies- I also call these Vegas lights. :)  Be patient sometimes it takes  a few seconds in between people to get one.

Manufacturer Websites and Facebook- Facebook is AWESOME for finding different coupons. Put your favorite products name in and I would bet they have their own site. :)

5 a days- Email 5 different companies every day to see if you can get coupons from them.  www.couponingtodisney.com has an entire list on her page of different companies that definently do and don't give out qs. :) I love her list because I don't want to waste my time writing if I can be clipping and organizing :)

Local newspaper (I only buy Regional Sunday papers because of the larger denomination qs in them)
We also have a Paraglide on Fort Bragg that is FREE. However, don't take more than a couple because people that wipe them out are not cool in my book. Find other creative ways to get the Paraglide, ask your neighbors if you can pick them up on Sunday evenings before Picerne does it.

Internet-  There are a ton of internet printable coupons out there.  I go to the product sites first on FB and see if they are offering any promotions. Then I go to my coupon database (at the end of the page) and put in the product to see what they offer.

All You Magazine- Only sold at Walmart. It is 1.88 (new price) and you can also subscribe for even cheaper.





You can also use coupon clipping services if you would like to.  Some that I would use and have used are as follows:

www.thecouponcutters.com- In North Carolina
www.insertinsanity.com- Out of Tampa Florida, also the owners of The Coupon Wizard (awesome site) I ORDER FROM HERE....