Coupon Class Dates

I offer coupon classes to individuals and groups of ANY size. I do group classes at my home in my spacious basement or for an FRG, the place of your choosing. 

 All classes listed are from 11am-1pm unless otherwise noted.  In 2012 I am going to start some Friday Night Fun Nights and Spectacular Saturday Classes.  These classes will be for those that cannot get to a class during the week but want to participate. 

  Classes do not provide childcare unless otherwise noted-  Children are not allowed in the classes(except for infants) I do ask if you bring an infant that you get up and walk out if they start to cry so that it does not disturb anyone else trying to learn.

  If you do not give a 72 hour notice and do not show up for a class,  you will not be rescheduled for a class until a 10.00 DEPOSIT is given ( that you WILL receive back upon showing up to class)  This helps make it worth my time to teach classes and stops it from people not showing up.

  I offer FREE classes for FRG's...I am an FRG Leader myself so I am familiar with the classes you can schedule.  If you are involved in your FRG and would like to book a class, please contact me at If you have a group of 5 or more other people that would like to attend together, please email me at about setting up a coupon party for you in your home or office! If I do go off of Fort Bragg, there will be a minimal fee for travel related expenses.