Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Harris Teeter how I love THEE!

I can shop like no other at the Commissaries however, right now I have a new love affair with Harris Teeter. I tried HT's last year a few times, was not impressed. They never have stock when you go in, even two hours after the first of a Super Doubles Sale. It was ridiculous to say the least. Then Triples came in March and I had to try it again. I did better but I went back four times to get what I wanted and still left disappointed. THEN, I went 30 min away to a different store and JACKPOT. Tonight I went again and I am loving every second of it. Not only can you get free items, which I did tonight, you can get a ton of things that you normally wouldn't be able to next to nothing with the right sale match ups and coupons. For example, the Gatorade was 10/10 and I had 1.00 off any Gatorade. FREE! Then diaper wipes were 3.29 each and I had .75 cent coupons that doubled to 1.50 then I had an EVIC coupon (HT store electronic coupon) that was. 50. My final cost for Pampers wipes ended up being 1.29 for the LARGE pack. I am up to 20 Wipes now I believe for my neice, Stephanie's stash. (**Disclaimer, I have a Great niece due in August and this Auntie is STOKED as we have had NO babies for 15 years!!) I have gotten them cheaper at the Commissary but not very often and to be able to use all of them, yes, I was happy. Right now, cereal is varying with EVICs from 60 cents a box to around 80 cents and I mean for Cheerios and Trix!!!! The good stuff. So all of that being said, think about Harris Teeter next time you are wanting to do match ups. I have a new blog I have been following and she's pretty right on. Her name is and I happen to heart her. There are some other local ones I follow too but for now, I am loving me some moolasavingmom! Tonight by the way at HT I spent OOP $23.86 however I saved 47.93 which is a savings of 67%! Not too shabby for a night's work. :)

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