Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's been Forever !!!

Hello everyone from Fort Bragg, North Carolina!! It has been a few months since I have been active enough to blog and follow through with this hobby of mine called couponing. Now, don't get me wrong, I was couponing, however not like I did pre October. My world got turned upside down the third week of October and not because my husband came home from Afghanistan. That was a plus and he has sure been helpful. The third week of October or so, I got very sick again and was diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia. I was immediately put on antibiotics however they just would not work. After three rounds of a Z pack and multiple breathing treatments I felt somewhat better but I always felt winded and tired. I became very worried. Then, in mid November, we left on a whirlwind 30 day around the world (kind of literally) tour on block leave. We went to Charleston, South Carolina, and left for a cruise to the Bahamas. After Day 2 on this boat I felt Amazingly better!!! Thank you Jesus is what I was thinking. Perhaps rest and relaxation is exactly what the doctor ordered! On the way to our next destinations we stopped in Indiana to see my sisters and brothers .Next we went to Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri to visit family. I started getting sick again for a day or two after Indiana but thought nothing of it! I cleared up. Then we went home to North Carolina at the beginning of December and immediately within days was full fledged sick again to the point of a 104 constant fever for a week with horrible cough. The doctor at our clinic would not order X rays and said it was the flu. I knew better so I went back again and demanded x rays. I had pneumonia AGAIN. And I filed a formal complaint with the Fort Bragg Medical Department for lack of care. Three weeks later I got to see a Physican's Assistant (who is credited with saving my life LITERALLY). Immediately she saw me and said that she knew I had pneumonia AGAIN by listening to me and that she was ordering a CT Scan STAT b/c the X ray she ran that morning had shown a spot on my right lung. I was scared to death. Long story short, in the meantime they got me into an allergist in Fayetteville on a STAT referral and had me tested. I had to be off all antihistimines for five days and that was the WORST part. During the testing, my whelps were coming up so quickly that the nurse doing them went and got the actual doctor. Apparently I am allergic to MOTHER EARTH in general. And the kicker of it all, the top four things I am allergic to in order of severiety are DOGS, CATS, COCKROACHES and PINE TREES . HELLO! I LIVE IN NORTH CAROLINA HOME OF THE TWELVE INCH COCKROACH AND PINE TREES GALORE. (I HAVE A 4 STORY ONE IN MY SIDE YARDThere are MANY other things I am allergic to but those are my worst triggers. Did I tell you guys that I have two red mini dauschaunds that are my world and I refuse to get rid of? I have had them since they were babies and they are brothers and I will make sacrifices but they are not one of them. I have to keep them out of my bedroom now which is a huge challenge for me if you know me. They are bed cuddlers. :) Anyhow, they started me on new meds to clear up the Allergic Pneumonia and I have since began my regimen of two shots every seven days. I am on meds for the rest of my life and now have to carry two epi pens with me wherever I go. I go on February 28th for the food allergies portion and I am quite nervous about that one. Now that you know why I have been gone, don't hold it against me. I love couponing and had GREAT intentions but my health came first. It was one thing after another and I could not get well. I had to step back and get better because I need to teach some money saving tips to ya all!!!! In the interim of being sick, I have developed a new power point system that I will begin using for my new classes and I am also doing a new binder system you all will LOVE. It has helped me tremendously with staying organized during these months that my husband has been grocery shopping with the QS. He is a fan, oh yes he is!!! He challenges me!!! Little stinker thinks he can save as much money as me at the store. I think not!!! (Not yet anyway, he is quite smart so I am a bit nervous) :) Anyhow, my new class schedules will be up soon, I won't be doing them as often as I was but for Military Spouses I will do them for free on Fort Bragg. I am sticking with the KISS method I do for teaching my high school students as well. Keep It Simple Silly! To unindate someone with so much info that their head is swimming is crazy. You want to save money, not feel overwhelmed at the thought of it. Until my next post (I promise it won't be so long), Happy Shopping Ya All!!!

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