Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Christmas Time Already!

Where oh where has the time gone blog world? I am so sorry I have neglected you! The past four months have been a blur in my household. I began my Masters Degree in Education, was the FRG Leader for our deployed Army Unit, co planned a very large homecoming celebration, my ONLY (sniff sniff) daughter got married, my husband came home from a year long deployment in October and then we have been traveling for the past four weeks.

Man, if that isn't enough to stave off the frustration, sorry. I am pooped. :) However, I am back and I am back with a vengeance. I have alot of new ideas that I am going to continue with here at Fort Bragg to help fellow couponers learn how to do this trade and let our dollars stretch as far as we can get them to. My theory in life is everyone needs to stretch a dollar and everyone wants to save.

There are a few changes that I have done to Bragg About Savings. One of the largest changes you will see is that I no longer charge for classes. I have been doing this for a long time. I have taught on and off for about four years. I have taught large church groups, in schools, to individuals, in a home setting and via the internet on Skype. However, something hit me about six months ago that I really struggled with. I felt like that I was supposed to " be a blessing" and teach this skill and not profit from it. I never made money really because it does cost to travel and to use my paper and make copies. However, I have found ways around that now that I am comfortable with. Now, that being said, I will not travel outside of Fort Bragg without being compensated a flat fee for gas depending on where it is; however I do not charge for the class. I can always get a meeting space here on Fort Bragg and if you would want to come here there would not be a charge ever for the class itself.

Anyway, about the Christmas season. Man, alive! There are deals to be had. Just today I spent only $21.00 on NINE high end cosmetic foundations, five French's fried onions, two mascaras and an eyeshadow for stocking stuffers. I also got a $5.00 coupon off $30.00 PRE COUPON for next week at Walgreens. Then I got online and got a free $10.00 gift card from Victoria's Secret (WHO DOESN"T LOVE FREE!!!) Next, I went to Target and ended up walking out of there with two $5 coupons off my next $50.00 purchase.

The key to all of this is watching the ads and the blogs. Keep up on clipping because during Christmas you will get bogged down with all of the goods and if you let it go a few days you will not be able to recover and miss a great deal because of it. Even if it is something you may not use who is to say that you do not want to use it and put it in a basket for someone else at Christmas time or say even Valentines Day (yes I am always thinking ahead!) Also, this is the time of the year when Food Banks are asking for the most donations because of the need to feed so many families during the holiday season. So, just because you cannot or do not want to use a product if it is FREE pass it on to someone that can.

That is all for now, but tomorrow there will be more. And the next day and the next day :)

Be A Blessing and Happy Shopping!!!

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