Saturday, January 15, 2011

It is time.........that we learn.

I have decided that it is time that we learn how to teach others about this infectious way of life. No I am not talking about the Army, although I will at the drop of a hat. I am talking about my addiction to couponing. I began couponing in 2006 with a coupon site that I paid for. I was getting toothpaste for free, shampoo for pennies and stockpiling like a hoarder. I began loving to get things for free and became addicted. Understanding that couponing is an art form is what I would like for everyone to know.

Being an Army/military wife it is important to realize that you have to budget and stay on a budget in order to have a succesful life wherever you may be stationed. At many of the posts there are surrounding areas that are just waiting for an adventure and if you do not have the money to pursue that adventure then what good is life? Myrtle Beach is only two and a half hours away from us and going to the beach is a summer pastime at least twice a month for my family. If I could not afford to do that because I have spent 40% of my paycheck on groceries, I would be ill. So, I am going to teach you and show you the tricks of the trade over the next few posts. Then, I am going to recommend other sites such as coupon clipping sites that I use and other bloggers that are a wonderful commodity in the couponing world. It is all about networking and resourcing to help each other out.

I am going to truly focus on the Fort Bragg area (HENCE THE NAME BRAGG ABOUT SAVINGS) and focus on the savings you may get at the Commissary on post to maximize your savings. I will also focus on local favorites of mine such as CVS, and Walgreens. The PX is a great place to find steals but you have to be thrifty in order to do so.

So, let's get this journey started. If you have questions, feel free to always inbox me at I will answer you daily! HOOAH!!!

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